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Available Items

Here are the available items that are for sale:
There are two ways to order :

Please make your personal check addressed to Susan Hamilton

Shipping costs $15 to anywhere in Canada or the United States.
Sorry, we don't ship elsewhere.
If you wish to purchase priority shipping (Next-Day), please contact us.
$ 15.00

To complete this order you must send us the total amount in Canadian dollars
Taxes are included in the sale price.

In your email or letter, please include the following:
• Order details,
• For large quantities, indicate when you need your candles (they are made by hand!),
• Total including shipping (if this is the case),
• Billing address,
• Shipping address (if different) and

• Any other instructions.

We thank you for your order!

100% Bee's Wax Ear Candle
10 to 12 inches in length.
(Price is for one Ear Candle)
$ 3.50

Ear Hygiene Oil
Used to clean the ear.
This oil is composed of a delicate balance of Lavender,
Almond & Tea-Tree Oils.
To be used before & after Ear Candle treatments.
$ 6.50